Silambam Master
Silambam Master

Bagavathy Chandrasekaran Aasan is the president of the School of Indian Silambam. He has been teaching Silambam for the past 10 years; maintaining the ancient tradition with the advanced new techniques of Silambam; providing personal training on fitness and revising and applying the ancient grading system in the Silambam martial art.Read More...


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Silambam - Karunaadaga Varusai

Books by Bagavathy C

We feel immense pleasure in introducing the ancient style of Silambam martial art named ‘Karunaadaga Varusai’. Following the ancient grading methods in Silambam, the book reaches out to the young generation with the improvised version of the ancient ideas. Author Vettai Thevar is part of the Indian Independent League. Bagavathy Chandrasekaran Aasan is a third-generation disciple of Vettai Thevar, founder and president of the School of Indian Silambam Trust

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