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Mr. Balivada has held multiple management positions with roles in marketing, technology, and business development. He understands the contemporary work environment and the lifestyles of millennials very well. He has struggled with procrastination for years and taught himself the path to discipline. He is passionate about self-development at the highest level and believes that discipline is fundamental to any success. He runs a blog, Brandalyzer, where he discusses all topics from psychology to business and often posts on self-development and procrastination.


The Procrastinator’s Mind

Books by Balivada

Stop procrastination, step by step.

The Procrastinator’s Mind empathizes with procrastinators and seeks to understand the behavior of procrastination within their reality without judging them. The author gets to the core of the psychology of procrastination and provides practices and solutions that are proven to stop procrastination and inspire the journey toward discipline.

The author takes a more personal and familiar approach that affect

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