10 Years of Celebrating Indie Authors

Basudeb Gupta, Diptarko Gupta

Jointly written by Basudeb Gupta, a seventy-year-old computer industry veteran and writer of the Jojo series of books by this publisher, and Diptarko Gupta, an eleven-year-old bright boy with ideas and imaginations for the new age. This is a unique collaboration in the history of children's books.Read More...


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Jojo Lost in Time

Books by Basudeb Gupta, Diptarko Gupta

Join two little boys and their dear dog on a tour of the earth in time, from the age of dinosaurs to a time when robots will rule the world. On the way, there are fantastic secrets that only the hero of the book and his friend knows. From Alexander, the Vikings and the Renaissance to the age of doom, all come and go giving a historical panorama which was never attempted in a book before. From wild humour to blood-curdling horror, you have it all here. Just dig

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Jojo in Jail

Books by Basudeb Gupta

This is the journal of a boy in the pandemic years. He is a normal Indian kid, absorbing the influences of the present times and going through his little experiences that build his memory for the future. He is not a nerd, nor a bully, nor a wayward boy, but an average Indian boy. This book brings the average boy into focus, who will join the majority of adults after ten years and create the society of the future. His life is not a crazy adventure or about bein

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Jojo’s journal

Books by Basudeb Gupta

Jojo is a boy like all of you menacing kids out there. He is a real frisk. He is bustling with bundles of energy. He wants to play all the time. He wants fun all the time. Like you all, he meets a crazy bunch of guys like Momo, Coco, Nono, Fatman, Anchorman and Voteman. Batsman becomes his friend. What a year 2019!  Come peep into his world and share his funny and scary and shaky and bumpy days. Jojo is your pal. Jojo is you.

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Pilgrim of the Mirage

Books by Basudeb Gupta

Pilgrim of the Mirage depicts the journey of mankind from the chaotic, all-pervading infection of technology today into the final world of technological dystopia, where all power is concentrated in a single computer program run by a secret group. The perpetuation of civilization as we know it is uncertain.

The story chronicles the odyssey of a fictitious Indian engineer, Tirtha, whose story starts in the 1970s. By a quirk of fate, he becomes th

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