An expert from the field of applied sciences who has written seminal books on software metrics is now entering into the world of imagination and fantasy.  He has brought the same precision and perfection into the field of art too.  His latest work, Wolf Hunting, a suspense thriller, will take you to a world of excitement and imaginary delight. Other books by Ravindranath Pandian are: ‘Simple Statistical Methods for Software Engineering’, ‘Data and Patterns, Software Metrics: A Guide to Planning, Analysis, and Application’ and ‘Applied Software Risk Management: A Guide for Software Read More...


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Wolf Hunting

Books by C. Ravindranath Pandian

Behold, an electrifying yarn of social reconstruction and redemption in a town held captive by fanatics and fundamentalists. Witness the awe-inspiring odyssey of a plucky team led by Robins, a man with a mission from Geneva who goes alone to a strange land. With assistance from the counter-terrorism unit of the UN, Interpol, and an American University, this motley crew uses artificial intelligence and the principles of social science to spot potential terroris

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Honourable Justice J. Kanakaraj

Books by S. Sridevi, M. Priyadarshini, B.V. Saraswathy

At the end of it all, what is retained in our mind? Very little!! But to me, some passages stand out as personal guides to direct my practical life… I remember the passage in Ecclesiastes Chapter 12 Verse 13. It says, “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Fear God and keep his commandment, for this is the whole duty of man.” Nor can I lose sight of the Ten Commandments read with the Sermon on the Mount, especially Chapters 5, 6 & 7 of Mathew

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A Poetic Encounter with Identity

Books by Sridevi Selvaraj

The kings sponsored culture a few centuries back, and still, the poets transcended the framework and have produced immortal verses. Now the consumer sponsors culture, and still, the artist transcends the rigid framework of market conditions. 

A Poetic Encounter with Identity speaks about Tamil consciousness as exemplified by popular culture.

It is an attempt to re-understand these areas of thought from the perspective of popular culture.

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The Crow and Mynah

By Sridevi in Politics | Reads: 1,447 | Likes: 0

The city was moving ahead in status as an industrialised and powerful location in the world map. The people had gone all over the world to bring back riches to the homeland. Communities vied with each other to buy properties. The dharma of the land was lost and money had established itself as a powe  Read More...

Published on Jun 12,2022 05:47 PM

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