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Cindy Pereira, born and raised in Bangalore, India, prefers to be called a storyteller rather than a writer. Her love for telling stories began at a very young age when her dolls became the actors for scripts created in her mind. At one point in time, as a little child, she had a book filled with self-drawn paper doll cut-outs – each an actor or an actress in her personal fantasy stories. This turned to writing in middle school when she and her best friend hand wrote stories for each other, complete with binding and cover pages. Some of her stories sparked out of dull journeys home from work and some are just yarns. Cindy has a Master's Degree in English Literature and loves to trek, run and just ‘catch the sun.’ She is married and lives with her husband in Bangalore. 


To School A Thief

Books by Cindy Pereira

Something appeared to be amiss in the Anglo Indian town of Landsend – Doug Geoghegan could feel it as he drove to work that morning. The two young men whom he'd noticed by the Cross Road looked hardened and desperate, and very familiar. About an hour later, all hell broke loose when 25 children of the Mount St. Joseph School and their teacher were taken hostage by two armed men. What made it personal was that Doug’s wife, the school’s Headmistress had also

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Arms For Alms

Books by Cindy Pereira

The frail beggar woman wanted to change her life; she wanted all the nice things she often dreamed of when she rocked herself to sleep under the stars. She wanted to live in a big white house with a garden and a fence, and she wanted a comfortable bed to lie in when the nights turned cold. She wanted a big handbag filled with money and wanted to spend it on what-so-ever she liked. She wanted all the comforts that every rich woman had and wished that the means to

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The Burnt Offering

Books by Cindy Pereira

Included in this collection are some stories written more than 20 years ago and some that are fairly recent. Each story tells a different tale; some are humorous, some are witty, some carry a mild streak of pain and some just tell a simple tale with no frills attached. The characters in each story are normal people who lead normal lives, with successes, regrets, triumphs, humiliations, grudges a

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