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Crystal David John

Crystal David John, an associate professor of economics at Stella Maris College Chennai, is a PhD in Economics and a strong feminist. A writer and an artist, she is an active advocate of gender equality, and she continues to inspire hundreds of her students every year. Her stories and stimulating classroom lessons are par excellence in generating discussions and gaining knowledge. Her one of a kind teaching, subtle sarcasm, unusual sense of humour and authenticity appeals to all who have had the privilege of sitting in her classes. While she is best known for her work in gender economics and fRead More...


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Books by Crystal David John

Cygnus, as the name suggests, is a constellation—but here a constellation of quotes, ideas, short poems and tiny tales, all related to real life and through the crystal clear lens of the writer. Most of the little snippets are from her observations of life and interactions with all kinds of individuals. They are real in the sense that they are experiential and not superficial. Some are cryptic, others beautifully clear. The variety is largely entertainin

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