Author is a marine Chief Engineer. Born in Rohtak, Haryana India. He has been sailing at seas serving merchant vessels all around the world for more than two decades. This work, “ANKAHI”, which means “UNTOLD”, is a result of last 5 years, mostly while at work on ships. The rustic past and upbringing early on in village life, keeps touching the book in most places. Vast travels because of career in merchant navy too have impacted the intense thoughts spilling over in form of poems. Deep rooted spirituality of the author is reflective in many places of this book. As per tRead More...


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When you passed by a tree have you ever felt like touching asking how are you doing? Well so does the tree always feels like connecting back to you, saying yes sir I see you pass by every day. Nature has her stories in many colors and voices we just need to open our eyes and ears to hear to see. Poverty never deprives one of richness of happiness; one only has to connect to the magical world the God created. Vast open seas, the sailor is reborn with the alive

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Inside Me

By Dash in Poetry | Reads: 493 | Likes: 0

As I look deep inside, I find me and I find You. A few of my cousins, and a few friends too. Inside me were littered toys, giggles and laughters and plenty joys. Benches in schools and uniform black shoes. A heavy bag full of books, carrying were friends  like you. I found my first love, and dr  Read More...

Published on Mar 24,2020 07:34 PM


By Dash in Poetry | Reads: 527 | Likes: 0

A noon full of heat, in the rustic hamlet. Warm air lulled all into bed. On a sleepy cot, I lie so tired. Half into dream and half in the life. Of life's tiring strife. A fantasy floats around me, I fly around with angels of wings sparrow of golden hues who sings I open my drowsy eyes,there is sound  Read More...

Published on Mar 24,2020 10:15 AM


By Dash in Poetry | Reads: 747 | Likes: 5

I say a prayer for the last man to blessed. A sinner in the corner, who is dned and cursed. He begs for mercy, even karma foesnt allow. For must he reap, all that he sow. He has no family, no friends and no one. For he sinned so grave, that he now is shunned. He in the heat of passion,crimed a foul   Read More...

Published on Mar 23,2020 07:07 PM

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