Deon Demamount

Deon Demamount is a rising teen sensation and an inspirational icon. He is one of the rarest singer-songwriters in the world to have written and composed more than eighty songs, and this book, which he states as “my immortality” has twenty four of them. With I know you are somewhere there in these pages, Deon Demamount officially introduces himself to the world. He hopes you are aware that you are a colossal ingredient of his book. Read More...

I Know you are Somewhere there in these Pages

Books by Deon Demamount

Both of us are loved and have been loved. Both of us have loved, still love and will always love. We have felt pain, anger, joy and we have been hurt and have hurt. These emotions that we have felt have united us, and have made me say aloud that I know you have been there in these pages, that you are somewhere there in these pages.

Prepare yourself for a roller coaster ride of emotions...a movement...a journey as you are a big part of it. This is not jus

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