Digvijay Singh

Digvijay Singh was born in a Kshatriya (warrior caste) family in central India. He belongs to the Raghuvanshi clan (Raghu is derived from King Raghu - the great grandfather of Lord Rama and vansh means clan). His father followed the Kshatriya tradition and became a general in the Indian army. Digvijay was more fascinated by Shakespeare and chose literature instead of the world of guns and tanks. He has a Master’s degree in English literature from Punjab University in India. Later, serendipity placed him in Sweden from where he earned a Master’s degree in Information Science. Since childhood, he has been nurtured on the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Gita, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The Hindu scriptures left an ineffaceable impact on his mind and so did the words of Jesus, Buddha, Ramakrishna Paramahansa and Swami Vivekananda. He has devoted more than three decades to fathom the world of Sanskrit literature. 




Every Life Counts

Books by Digvijay Singh

This book is the story of Amar Seva Sangam - an institution which brings succour and comfort to thousands of disabled citizens of India. With the help of faith and determination, they are dedicated to the upliftment of the poor and the physically challenged so that they may lead their lives without being a burden on others. My aim in this book is to highlight their great work so that you can see, feel and be a part of their noble mission at www.amarseva.org

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The Joy of Giving

Books by Digvijay Singh

This book is the story of Narayanan Krishnan. He is a man whose acts of kindness and compassion send ripples out into the world that are magnified by every life that he saves – and he has saved many lives. He has helped people transition from a world of back-breaking destitution to a world of compassion and dignity. My attempt in this book is to highlight his great work so that you can see, feel and be a part of his noble mission at www.akshayatrust.org

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How To Be Happy

Books by Digvijay Singh

We all want to be happy. There are different ways to get to this beautiful place called Happiness. All you have to do is to decide that no matter what, you will lead a happy life. And when we say a happy life, we mean a place that is refreshing, rejuvenating and filled with peace and love. This book shows you that Happiness need not be an elusive place and with the help of 10 keys presented in this book, you can easily get there. So let's move to happy times..

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