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Dipannita Mukherjee

Dipannita Mukherjee says every soul has a mate but not all know how to find it. Failing herself a handful of times and ending up with sour mates, she was losing hope, until her prince showed up not on a horse, but on a blue scooter. Now, she doesn’t simply know it but also believes in its existence. Born in a modest town in India, called Jamshedpur, and being a single child, her folks loved and coddled her to the moon and back.   After completing a Master’s degree in Media Studies from the University of Bedfordshire, UK, Dipannita worked far too long as a media professional to get exhaustRead More...


A Thousand Letters

Books by Dipannita Mukherjee

"If walking is an option, then Rudra will start right away, but Maya stays around three thousand kilometres far, so he books a train ticket instead. It will kill him to wait anymore and he is way too late already. Isn’t he?

14 years since the two childhood best friends Maya & Rudra separated, he ignored her and her 1200 letters; until today, when his mother gave it all to him, safely kept for this moment. 

Will Maya forgive him? Will he be abl

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