Dr. Deepak Singla

The author of this book Dr. Deepak Singla is a very well qualified and experienced Vedic Astrologer, Vastu Consultant, Spiritual Healer and also a Social Activist. He has PhD from Mewar University.

He is the founder of:

(1) The Anti-Corruption Crime Prevention Community Oriented Policing Society (NGO) – Founder,May 2010–Present,Chandigarh

(2) Indian Academy of Vedic Sciences – Founder,Chandigarh

Awards and Honours: He has been honoured as Vastu Ratan by World Astrologers Society,Kolkata Jyotish Mayar by Shri Shivshakti Jyotish Anusandhan Kendra,Haridwar Vinayak Jyotish Shri by Vinayak Astrologers Center,Mumbai Vastu Bid Mani by Asian Astrologers Conference,Jamshedpur Jyotish Gourav by All India Astrological Research Group of India ULNR Vinayak Jyotish Ratna by Vinayak Astrologers Center Mumbai Vastu Samrath by National Astrologer Conference,Bhubaneswar Vidya Ratan Gold Med by World Astrologers Society,Kolkata Vastu Acharya by Asian Astrologers Conference,Jamshedpur Tartantra Churamani by Kamakhya Gurukul Seva Ashram,Kolkata Vaastu Visharad by International Vastu Association Jodhpur Vastu & Jyotishacharya by Jyotish Jagruti and Vastu Sanshodhan Sanstha Saptarshi Award by World Astrologers Society,Kolkata Vastu Visharad by Akhil Bhartiya Divya Jyotish Sammelan Jyotish Mawr by Shrii Shivshakti Jyotish Anusandhan Kendra,Haridwar Gold Medal by Jyotish Jagruti and Vastu Sanshodhan Sanstha Vastu Jyotish Samrat by Future Point NDLS Jyotish Divya Bhaskar by Jyotish Jagruti and Vastu Sanshodhan Sanstha Saptarshi Award by Asian Astrologers Congress Kolkata


Astrological Flaws and Their Remedies

Books by Dr. Deepak Singla

God exists within us on this planet. The ‘soul’ enters the human form after going through the complete cycle of eighty-four lakh lives and deaths.


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