Dr. G.K. Pillai

Dr. Pillai authored many notable books on diverse topics. His academic credentials are in Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, and Public Finance. He retired from the Indian Revenue Service, and was empanelled in the International Roster by the United Nations in June, 1989 and International Monetary Fund in 1992. Dr. Pillai’s book on ‘VAT’ was acclaimed as an authoritative work and a valuable addition to tax literature by the then FM of India. “Mystic Awareness for the Modern Mind” was his first book on scientific spirituality that critics hailed as a “pathfinder to an enriched existence”. “Upanishads” was another popular book that gave the modern youth a rational mode of spirituality without the color of faiths. His book on the great sage, “Shri Ramana Maharshi”, revealed the compassionate mindset and ideas of an extraordinary mystic with scientific attitude. “The Queen of Genes”, was on the genetic superiority of women and it was released by Paul A. Folmsbee, US Consul General, in the presence of two leading actors, John Abraham and Jackie Shroff. Income from this book will support his initiatives on children’s cancer care.

Monks are from Meditating Monkeys

Books by Dr. G.K. Pillai

This extraordinary book unveils the scientific source of true spirituality. A vision of reality emerges when the brain is in the grip of “near-death” frenzy. The dominant ego declines and consciousness shifts to the right side of the brain. True mystics like Ramana Maharshi meditated up on the dazzling vision and reached “nirvana”, the culmination of spiritual quest. The god men, who sell yoga, meditation, and salvation, are self-centered mimics with inflated ego and greed. The facts now revealed by brain scans might debunk the divine comedy of fake monks misleading the masses?

Drug-induced euphoria of “Meditating Monkeys” cannot take humans to lasting bliss and calmness. The only authentic route to sustainable spiritual transformation is shifting consciousness through egoless meditation. Universal compassion is the prominent expression of true enlightenment. The transition of mystics from the ordinary to the sublime can motivate the modern youth to achieve similar awakening. This book shows the reality but faiths may deny it with divine deceptions.

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