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Eshwar Viswanath

Eshwar Viswanath Vijayakumar holds a master's degree in Engineering Management and worked as a project management professional. However, his creativity and enthusiasm for writing made him pursue a new career path in creative writing. This work of fiction, The Political Heist – Chapter One, is his first book. It's a political heist thriller infused with drama. Eshwar, being a hungry writer, wishes to explore and tackle more subjects and genres.Read More...


The Political Heist - Chapter One

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Adithya Kumaran, a business tycoon from Chennai, threatened the ruling party ministers to expose classified evidence that could cost their political careers. To save their careers, the ministers decided to hire a professional thief, Veerarjunan (Veera), to steal the evidence from Adithya. The evidence was silently roaring in a highly customised locker inside Adithya’s private jet. Veera, an experienced thief and skilled in martial arts, formed a team with a

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The House of Rat

By Eshwar Viswanath in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 2,777 | Likes: 20

On a Sunday evening with lights off in the hall, Mithran was watching a Christopher Nolan film on Netflix with a bowl full of caramel and cheese popcorn. Mithran, an IT employee, lived alone in the city leaving behind his parents in hometown. Once finishing the schooling in his hometown, he moved to  Read More...

Published on Jul 1,2022 08:41 PM

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