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Etqad Khan

We live in moments and in moments we let it slip.
We live in moments and in moments we let it slip.

A Data Scientist by profession and an incoming Master’s student at the University of Bath, Etqad Khan was introduced to poetry at the tender age of nine and soon realized his innate ability to create strong visuals with words. An explorer as he calls himself, he unearths perspectives and weaves stories around them. He is on a quest to understand the purpose of life, and his poems carry an essence of it. Etqad has pinned his hopes on this debut venture and hopes to write more poetry in the future.


Origami and Paper Cuts

Books by Etqad Khan

‘Origami and Paper Cuts’ is a collection of poems and absorbed thoughts on the most trivial aspects of life. The book houses poems on heartbreaks, memories, women, depression and tales of love. Strong visual imagery will ensure that each poem comes to life in the reader’s mind. There are some poems that will gently brush against your skin and there are some that will shake you. Poetry is a love affair and this book is the mistress you deserve.

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