Guru Rajesh

Dr. K. Guru Rajesh has been into the field of astrology since his teens. He contributed many articles to journals and magazines on the subject. He believes in a judicial mixing of tradition and research as the way for the progress of the science. A doctorate holder in Geology by qualification, Dr. Rajesh is also an accomplished artist and trained musician in Carnatic classical music. His other interests include classical poetry in Telugu and Sanskrit.



Books by Guru Rajesh

Imagine a dasa system which can broadly indicate the events that can occur in a year in the life of a native? How would it be if we could arrive at the particular year of a Vimshottari Antara for an event to manifest which can then be zeroed in with the aid of transits? The ‘Rasi-tulya-vatsara dasa’ is precisely such a system. This book explains the general rules and special rules of RTVD system discovered by the author and demonstrates its applicability to various branches of human life with the help of more than 150 practical illustrations. The topics covered in the book include: Longevity and Death, Marital Issues, Progeny, Parents, Siblings, Mishaps, Wealth and Finance, Profession, Fame, Awards, and Disgrace. This book is very helpful not only for mastering the simple yet effective system of ‘Rasi-tulya-vatsara dasa’ but also to gain insights in judging the horoscope to assess the potential promise for an event.

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Books by Guru Rajesh

This book contains eighteen articles of the author published in various astrological journals, starting from 2003 to 2017.Contents of the book include: I. The Bhagavad Gita-The Astrologer's Guide; II. Sun's Role in Judging Profession; III. Guru Chandala Yoga and Religiousness; IV. Eighth House and Astrologers; V. Poets, Musicians and Venus; VI. Ninth House and Unconventional Marriages; VII. A Critical Analysis of Asura and Sarala Yogas; VIII. Astrology in Ayurvedic classics; IX. Astrology and Homosexuality; X. Integrating Multiple Predictive Tools - A Case Study; XI. Astrology and Paedophiles; XII. Health Issues of Relatives -Astrological Clues; XIII. Jatakabhanga or Failure-in-Life Yogas; XIV. Mars and Earth Science Professions; XV. Astrological Study of Rape Cases; XVI. How Transits Affect Dasa-Bhukti Lords; XVII. Decoding Devakeralam; XVIII. Mahamahopadhyaya Sri Madhura Krishnamurthy Sastry - An Astrological Portrait.

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Books by Guru Rajesh

The life events of 108 revolutionaries belonging to the Indian Independence Struggle have been described using the Nandi Naadi principles discovered by the author.

Besides the astrological angle, this book presents the biographical details of the revolutionaries, their poignant tales of courage and struggle against a giant colonial power and the tremendous sacrifices they made for the cause of Mother India.

This book is indispensable for anyone who wants to grasp the application of Nandi Naadi principles to various facets of human life including longevity, mode of death, ill-health, misfortunes, married life, progeny, career and so on.

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