Hamsini Peri

Hamsini Peri is in middle school. She is an avid reader and creative writing enthusiast. One of Hamsini’s poems was published in a children’s magazine when she was only eight.  The Mysterious Money Bag is her debut novel. Some of her favourite genres are mystery, adventure, humour, and sci-fi. She enjoys cycling, badminton, and tennis. Read More...


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The Sleuthing Squad

Books by Hamsini Peri

When I find a mysterious bag of money at school the day before my two-week winter break, I am intrigued. After finding a smaller bag containing potential clues, I along with my cousins - Ishaan, Dhruv, and Diya decide to solve the mystery.

During our adventure, we encounter sinister villains, make a new friend, snoop around on Halloween and do so much more.

After all this, will we be able to solve the mystery?

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Everyone's Limbo

By Hamsini Peri in Adventure | Reads: 1,734 | Likes: 5

I was stuck in a limbo. A dilemma. This isn’t right! A voice in my head told me. But then again, does doing the ‘right’ thing even matter? I mean, a lot of other people are! Doing this is what matters. So long as you get it done, nobody cares! Another voice argues. “But this   Read More...

Published on Oct 5,2022 11:33 AM

The Hooded Figure

By Hamsini Peri in Young Adult Fiction | Reads: 2,551 | Likes: 6

A hooded figure stood silently as the rain pounded upon the pavement and his umbrella. He stood emotionless and leaned against the brick wall in the alley-way, waiting. The tall man had an oval, and rather prosaic, shaped head. His blood-red eyes gleamed lividly in the darkness and the faint light f  Read More...

Published on Oct 5,2022 11:21 AM

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