Hari Pada Roychoudhury

Mr. Hari Pada Roychoudhury of Karimganj is a native of Sylhet of undivided India. He earned a Master of Science degree and LLB from GU in India and a PhD from UMIST in the United Kingdom. He left the job in the UK and returned to India for the service of his countrymen. He served at Cotton College as Professor of Chemistry until retirement. Gandhi had made him a street boy by the partition of Bengal.


Selfish Leaders VS Bengal & Bengalis

Books by Hari Pada Roychoudhury

Abraham Lincoln sacrificed four million countrymen in the American Civil War to keep the country united, Mao Zedong sacrificed millions of countrymen to bring economic progress to China, and Winston Churchill sacrificed a lot of the British people during the Blitz by Hitler of Nazi-Germany to save the country from a fall like France, but Gandhi destroyed the country by causing human slaughter of Indians by dividing Indians as Hindu and Muslim in the name of &l

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The Dark Side of Gandhi

Books by Hari Pada Roychoudhury

It is a learning lesson for all political leaders of the World to see and learn how a villainous person can make fool the countrymen having a Dress of half necked FAKIR (in the words of Winston Churchill) with his ethics of “Non-Violence” bringing division, destruction, slaughter in millions and then the mankind with “Non-Violence” when United Nations Secretary commented the person is a man of peace of mankind.

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