Indie Author Championship #6

Hari Prasad Bangalore and Kalpana Prasad Bangalore

According to the authors, the present times we live in, are the consequence of parenting of yester-years - both good and bad. The only ardent and holy duty the couple have in all their life is parenting and the rest are small in comparison. They see every person is engaged in helping the creation. The couple Hari Prasad  and Kalpana are social and spiritual entrepreneurs. They have ventured out to share their experience of working amidst children and parents in rural as well as urban set-ups. This was their routine some-times twice, some-times thrice and sometimes six days in a week and thisRead More...

Be There for Kids

Books by Hari Prasad Bangalore And Kalpana Prasad Bangalore

Book 1
There are exalted and higher purposes to parenting. Why is the Creation interested in partnering with you in parenting and in your child? What is routine parenting? What is non- existing parenting? How to avoid negative parenting, hyper parenting or blind parenting? How not to feel the stress of parenting? What is special about 21st century parenting? Become the conscious and mindful parents.

All explained wonderfully. There are plenty of real

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A measure of the Self

Books by Hari Prasad Bangalore

The whole Creation is a spiritual system. How to understand this. “Life has to be lived forward but understood backward”. In this Creation, everything leads to something. That something leads to something further. That something significant leads us to something Ultimate. But the sure way to lose sight of spirituality in the Creation is to take everything for granted. That’s how we lost sight of valuable clues already. The rarest miracle is to be born as

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