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Hina Beg

Mrs. Hina Beg is an entrepreneur and a psychotherapist. To be precise, she is a solution therapist, who resolves cases in a short time. She loves to help people and always strives to assess clients in accordance with the professional practice standard and code of ethics. She has an experience of over a decade in personal (one-to-one) counselling and telephonic counselling and has worked with individuals from all age groups undergoing various challenges in life. She uses techniques as per her clients’ needs. She is very creative, especially when dealing with kids, and uses methods such asRead More...


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Just Talk Therapy

Books by Hina Beg

Ever been curious to know how a therapist goes about the process of counseling? Want to see whether this process would benefit you or your young ones? Read on to find out!

Sessions with Young Kids (Ages 6-12) is Part 1 of Just Talk Therapy.  It is an account of therapy sessions with young children. It will take the readers through the meaning of talk therapy in the context of the Indian Society. 

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A Glimpse

By Hina Beg in General Literary | Reads: 378 | Likes: 3

Came across this - write your story here! What caught my attention is 'here' part, is the space enough, or is it that this is the moment - carpe diem!! As a psychotherapist, I am honored to be a part of many stories, each unique and amazing. It is not easy to share in general your heart out but with  Read More...

Published on Jun 5,2020 01:06 PM

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