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I. Daniel Jacob

Daniel Jacob shares his knowledge, insights and concepts, born out of introspection and contemplation, largely due to his experience in attending seminars and workshops, interacting with managers and business heads and also on a practical level of having worked closely with people of all walks of life in developing healthy interpersonal relationships. Daniel Jacob has been a trainer and facilitator in the field of human potential development for close to three decades—specializing in personal development, selling skills and managerial effectiveness. He started his career as an entrepreneRead More...


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Strength of Emotional Competence

Books by Daniel Jacob

You don’t want to be regretful of your behaviour, right? You would wish that everything happens the way you wish, right? You would always want to overcome and not succumb to any situations, right? 

If your response is, ‘YES’ then Strength of Emotional Competence is for you! 

The simple fact of life – you cannot change many things and events that are happening around you. But one thing, for sure, you can change is your resp

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Connecting, Understanding and Motivating People

Books by Daniel Jacob

Grow people; grow organizations!

Every organization, in order to function, needs resources—namely, money, machinery, materials and methods. Man was also considered as one of these resources—but no longer! Man—people—is a great possibility endowed with enormous potential. It is perhaps the greatest leadership responsibility of every corporate manager and business head to take the lead in ‘connecting’ with people on the intellectual level—de

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