Kirankumar Nayak & Indrazith Shantharaj

Trader and Author
Trader and Author

Indrazith Shantharaj is a full-time trader, trainer and coach in the stock market and a former IT professional with 10 years of experience. He has decided to pursue a full-time career in the stock market, which is his subject of passion and expertise. Having met success in trading, he wants to help others who find it difficult. He has conducted over 50 seminars and trained over 1,000 people on trading. His articles can be found at [link removed]. Apart from trading and training, he spends his free time travelling, reading books and practising spiritual sadhana.   Kirankumar Nayak, a qualifieRead More...


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Trade and Grow Rich

Books by Indrazith Shantharaj, Kirankumar Nayak

Is it your personal quest to find out what has made some traders so successful?

Why do 5% of traders take all the money from 95% of losers?

The answer is nothing less than a revelation!

The authors of this book have formulated their journey of studying some of the most successful traders in the world into concise principles that, when acted upon, can help one achieve their dream to become a successful trader.

For over a decade,the autho

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