The author is a firm believer in the reinvention of Renaissance in people’s lives.  His foray into the spiritual realm gave him the impetus to write. All his works focus on helping people determine their hidden potential and position themselves appropriately. His teachings offer pragmatic solutions to people’s problems. He conducts outdoor meetings and seminars at several institutions to address the critical issues that affect individual progress. His programme Renaissance in Jesus Christ encourages people to emulate Christ in their respective fields. The central objectives ofRead More...


Temptation the Uncontrollable Syndrome

Books by M.M.Johnson

Every human being is predestined to reign in life. Sometimes, the trivial issues in life are magnified and capture our attention, whereas core issues of greater importance remain unattended. The deep-rooted flavours of desires and the deadly syndrome called Temptation rule peoples’ lives.

Temptation – The Uncontrollable Syndrome enables you to reduce this dreadful undercover killer to ashes. It unfolds the dynamics of Temptation

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