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Born in Lubeck, Germany, Joydeep grew up in Kolkata with a passion for literature and theatre, His deep quest for a spiritual identity drew him away from the mainstream till he met his Guru and mentor, Swami Paramananda. He was reborn into a wholly new perspective and twenty-eight years later he considers himself a ‘traveller,’ a seeker of Truth. He travels and talks, inspires and guides people from all walks of life to a spiritual vision and freedom. He writes extensively on various aspects of life and contributes regularly for periodicals. He has published seven books, three in BRead More...

Pulaker Alpona

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When the mundane falls in love with the divine what arises is an overwhelming and exciting sense of wonder. What remains elusive and unspoken tries to take a shape and conjure a life of its own. Its restless musings have urged the author to dig deep and explore unknown spiritual mysteries through reflections, memoirs, essays, stories, allegorical plays and poems, a comprehensive body of work that spans a period of more than two decades. It is a thrilling and e

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Mystic Tales

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A monk foretells a king's death. A venomous snake pays a price for non-violence. A sage is in a dilemma over his compassion for animals. A cobbler remembers his past life. Why does a blind man come to see his lord? A monkey drives a scientist out of his laboratory...this is a random compilation of thirty-one tales, anecdotes and experiences that intrigue, enthral, amuse and make us ponder. These tales from the Puranas, folklores and the epics, from the lucid a

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