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K S Manoj

Author is an electronics and communication engineer with design interest in physical-cyber security of ICS who continues to explore the adoption of new security strategies in order to promote safer and more reliable automation infrastructures. Initially he specialized in design and development of Industrial Control Systems(ICS), by focusing on monitoring and control of SCADA and DCS networks. However after realizing the importance of the industrial cyber security, he later focused towards the threat vectors of advanced attacks in these environments and framing mitigation strategies. He holdRead More...


Books by K S MANOJ

All  basic knowledge, is provided for practicing Power System Engineers and Electrical, Electronics, Computer science and Automation Engineering students who work or wish to work  in  the challenging and complex  field of Power System Automation. This book specifically aims to narrow the gap created by fast changing technologies impacting on a series of legacy principles related to how Power Systems are conceived and implemented. 

Key features:

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Cyber Security

Books by K S MANOJ

Written in an easy to understand style, this book provides a comprehensive overview of the physical-cyber security of Industrial Control Systems benefitting the computer science and automation engineers, students and industrial cyber security agencies in obtaining essential understanding of the ICS cyber security from concepts to realization.

The Book

-> Covers ICS networks, including zone-based architecture and its deployment for product deli

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Smart Grid

Books by K S Manoj

All basic knowledge is provided for the Energy Engineers and the Electrical, Electronics, Computer and Instrumentation Engineering students, who work or wish to work, in Smart Grid and Microgrid area. It benefits them in obtaining essential and required understanding of the Smart Grid, from perceptions to actualisation.

The book:

·Presents the Smart Grid from abstraction to materialization. 

·Covers power grid networks,

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Industrial Automation with SCADA

Books by K S Manoj

This book brings together timely and comprehensive information needed for an Automation Engineer to work in the challenging and changing area of Industrial Automation. It covers all the basic SCADA components and how they combine to create a secure industrial SCADA system in its totality.

The book


Gives a deep understanding of the present industrial SCADA technology.

Provides a comprehensive description of the Data Acquisition Sy

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