Karan Agrawal

Author, Art, Design, Food, love tea, Observations, Sports, Traveller

Karan Agrawal, 33, begins his personal journey to become an author. He is a big-time foodie, a die-hard connoisseur of tea and likes offbeat movies. How ‘extras’ dance behind the lead actors, equally matters to him. He is a technology consulting professional. He has lived in Singapore for six years and has travelled across continents for work and leisure. He hails from Nagpur, India. He can be reached at karan.6jan@gmail.com or karanagrawal.com


7 Untold Secrets of Living Abroad

Books by Karan Agrawal

It is a challenging decision to migrate to another country. Doubts surface. Which country has the best work culture and how it is different from the others? Which country offers a fantastic work-life balance? In what ways is a dependent’s life more fulfilling in the UK than in the USA? Is Indian food really smelly? If Singapore is close to India, why do people aspire to go to far-off countries like Australia or New Ze

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