Karishma Bhatia

Karishma Bhatia has a Masters from LSE, London and is a literature graduate from LSR, Delhi. She has editorial experience with McKinsey & Co., Dorling Kindersley, and the United Nations. Currently, she writes opinions for a diplomatic news journal. A traveler, painter, and storyteller at heart, food is her greatest creative pursuit after parenthood. Her story is of every home cook who’s tried to make a new exotic recipe but abandoned it midway because of the complicated ingredients, processes and equipment. She abandoned the recipe but never gave up cooking. Soulfood is a persoRead More...


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"Stew is an integral part of Scandinavian cuisine. This versatile comfort food can be adapted to suit your palate and environment. Add beer or wine as the liquid component of this stew or add allspice to create a warm flavor, especially for winter nights…  This recipe is my mum’s adaptation of the stew and I hope it will grace dinner tables across the world with its simplicity and comfort. My mum is the most house-proud person I know. She

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