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Khyati Agrawal Gupta

Khyati Agrawal Gupta is a novelist and a doodle artist by profession (founder of the personalized doodle merchandise company dOOdle BARF, which was started in 2015). She is an animation and multimedia graduate with a diploma in psychological counselling. An avid fan of fantasy fiction, she likes to spend her free time working as a freelance script writer, watching American television series, reading, exploring new places and cuisines, doodling and learning new things.

Kalith : Tiyasa’s Malediction is the second book in the Kalith series, sequel to Kalith : Origin of The King’s Nine, the first book of the Kalithverse, which was a roaring success and was featured in newspapers, including The Asian Age, Deccan Chronicle, DTNext and Telangana Today.



Kalith : Tiyasa’s Malediction

Books by Khyati

The aftermath of the Battle of Agnipur has set the sun completely on the lives of The King’s Nine. As Kalith’s search for his lost father continues, the nine gifted warriors are dealing with the recent murder of their mentor and adjusting to their new frivolous yet hectic lives in the palace, while trying to maintain their sanity against being constantly judged as freaks, paraded around like circus-men and derided for being the new king’s Fir

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Kalith : Origin of The King’s Nine

Books by Khyati

Kalith finds himself stranded and captured in an unknown land. Little does he know that he is a phasor and has accidentally travelled back in time.

A series of strange and curious events progress as he gets rescued by a man who takes him to a hidden Gurukul, which is home to eight other gifted students who collectively are called The King’s Nine. He must learn to control his ‘phasing’ to return to his time.

He embarks on a life-altering jou

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