Kinsuk Bandyopadhyay

Kinsuk Bandyopadhyay is an engineer by profession who spends most of his career with multinationals. While trading time with corporates was the means of earning a livelihood, his passion was nourished by the creativity and excitement of acting in various stages of Kolkata. Initiated by the illustrious theatre personality Dipendra Sengupta, acting not only unleashed the magical experience of stage performance but also motivated Kinsuk to pen down life experiences in the format of plays. Both the plays ‘Tritiyo Onko’ and ‘Iti Ami’ narrate the deeper insights of life, surfacing the inhereRead More...


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পরিস্থিতি দুর্যোধনকে সৃষ্টি করে নি। দুর্যোধনের পিতা মাতার উচ্চাশার অতৃপ্ত তৃষ্ণা তাঁর নিয়তির পথপ্রদর্শক। আজকের সমাজে দুর্যোধনেরা যেমন বর্তমান তেমনই বর্তমান পিতা মাতার সমা

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