Indie Author Championship #6

Krishna Prasad

Krishna Prasaad (KP) Being a consistent dreamer, KP gets excited when it comes to unlocking human potential and performance. He is one who is driven by purpose and is a natural storyteller. KP aspires to be a Human Transformation Enthusiast in the future and always believes that a human touch would make all the difference in the world. He is always present at the moment and is a strong believer in destiny and vibe. Sujani Ganesan  Sujani is a highly energetic and passionate individual who approaches every moment with joy. Being self-driven and committed, she is motivated by the purposes and vRead More...

Evolving by Choice

Books by Krishna Prasaad, Sujani Ganesan

Millions of moments, why do only a few of them matter?

“That was an amazing experience.” Or, was it?

Evolving through experiences. What does it take?

A lot of people treat experiences like a one-time occurrence, and that is about it. It stops there. What if they can go beyond that? 

Life is much shorter than people think, and that it is time they grew out of their comfort zones to embrace life and what it has in store for them.

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