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Levi Vaguez

Writer, Reader, Listner, Foodie and a Swiftie
Writer, Reader, Listner, Foodie and a Swiftie

Levi Vaguez is the author of Ninetales And Other Tales. Hailing from Kochi, Levi lives in his world of stories and fantasies. A free spirit, Levi wants to share his stories and views with the world through a skill he is the best at and loves - writing. Having completed his MCA, Levi began his career as a software developer. However, he decided to let go of the job and chase his dream of being a writer. Levi is now working as a content writer since 2018. Being an ardent fan of Taylor Swift, the references to the singer/songwriter are clearly visible in his works. The best way to contact Levi isRead More...


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Books by Levi Vaguez

Hannah is not just a story but a journey called life. Sometimes in life, we meet certain people whom we never forget. The time we spent together is engraved in our memories forever. Hannah is one such experience.

When the narrator once travelled from Pala to Kuravillangad, he met a young woman, Hannah. From then, they went on to explore her village, Aarkara, situated on the banks of the river Meenachil. Meanwhile, they travelled through her story,

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Nine Tales and Other Tales

Books by Levi Vaguez

It's said that a cat lives 9 lives. During the course, a cat comes across various people, surroundings and stories. This book is all about a diverse catalogue of stories and lives narrated by a cat. The stories do not belong to any single journey, but a mashup of themes and tones. In a nutshell, this book portrays the life and surrounding of many, mostly situated in India.

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