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Lynn Shia


Lynn Shia Soo Me, is the mother of three daughters from her first marriage. After her divorce, in her desperation to find a better man, she fell prey to a scammer and married him. For 11 years, she went through a life of misery and trauma. She decided to write her story explaining the psychological effects of her childhood as well as those events of her first marriage that led to her to be hooked and manipulated for 11 years by a cunning scammer. Now 53, working in a Hospital as a porter, she wants her story to be an eye opener to all the vulnerable and desperate women who wish to quickly rebound from an abrupt  or unpleasant end to their previous marriage or relationship.

She is currently trying to get custody of her 4 years old from her ex-husband. When the entire world will be busy fighting COVID-19 in the 21st year of the 21st century, Lynn Shia will be fighting to get Adrian from Momba. She vows that she will succeed in her mission with the readers’ support  and she feels that she deserves a peaceful life with her son at least for the rest of her life.


Ms. Lynnocent

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The Internet helps bring humans together and closer. We start seeing people beyond physical boundaries. While most of us benefit from the Internet, a few misuses it to project as who they are not. That makes some of us vulnerable and even victims of their ill motive. After all, we want to believe what we see and the internet aids in doing so.

I wish to share my experiences on how trust, religion, faith, and the internet betrayed me. It is good to learn

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