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Mitch Shah

Mitch Shah has a degree in BS, MBA from California, U.S.A. He has worked for companies like NASA and Sony Pictures. He is an entrepreneur, holding offices in several countries, and is a member of many prestigious organizations. He is an avid movie lover, traveler and also keeps himself updated on the latest technological and medical discoveries/inventions. He is a philanthropist and does his best to help society. For any queries, you can contact him on Instagram @mitchshah Read More...


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Stem Cell Banking


This book tells you all about stem cell banking that you, as a parent, want to know. Millions of parents make the mistake of investing in stem cell banking, with little or almost no knowledge on the subject or the companies that offer such services. Stem cell banking is like any other investment where you need to understand its terms, conditions and the risks involved with it. When you invest in stocks without any understanding, you might lose money. However,

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