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Mohamed Zubair

Mohamed Zubair is a Paradox. He considers himself an opportunist but is reluctant and reclusive. He has often found himself to be an optimist but lives life with a certain degree of cynicism. He finds it pretentious to write an author bio in the third person but wrote this anyway. Zubair enjoys writing poetry, listening to Qawwalis and harbours an unhealthy obsession with sarcasm, movies and T.V. If an Indian aunty happens to ask what he does, you might say that he works as a content writer, marketing consultant, and more recently, as a life coach with a unique approach. Zubair is firm that thRead More...

Life Sucks. Get Used To It.

Books by Mohamed Zubair

We live in strange times. Most of us hate our jobs, our parents are sending us friend requests on Facebook, and Memes are the only form of entertainment that truly make us happy.

Life sucks; get used to it is India’s first Anti-Self-Help book!

While regular self-help books want to look into your eyes, hold your hand and tell you that the universe is waiting to reward you in beautiful ways, Life sucks; get used to it is more li

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