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Mady Menon

Mady Menon is an infantry officer of the Indian Army. He is an ex NDA and a post-graduate from the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington. He has had extensive experience in Anti-Terrorist, Counterinsurgency and High Altitude operations in Jammu and Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Nagaland and Sri Lanka. He has served over 15 years in North East India. Post-retirement in 2009, he lives in Bangalore. His stay of almost three and a half years in Tirap brought him in contact with its wonderful people. He visited them again before he retired. He admires them immensely and hopes that all ofRead More...


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Books by Mady Menon

A Saga of the Wanchos of Arunachal Pradesh; A proud tribe of head hunters.

An attack at Ninu in 1875 left many of a British Survey team dead. The British totally isolated the Wanchos until India gained independence. Today these tribals are a proud, modern and vibrant society. This is their story; a historical story never told before. A tale of beautiful Arunachal Pradesh, its evolution as a state; and of ts many tribes. Shawang is the f

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