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Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Mahesh Krishnamurthy discovered his passion for working with people and facilitating healing when he was 21. However, the real awakening came at the age of 28 when he was rendered motionless for 10 days due to excruciating pain in his lower back. During this time, he had his first spiritual awakening. Over the next 2 decades, he had 3 more such spiritual awakenings, all of which directed him deeper into the world of health and healing. During these times, the knowledge he received on body and mind, karma and consequence changed his life. Now he uses this knowledge to transform the lives of oveRead More...

What does she really want

Books by Mahesh Krishnamurthy

What does She Really Want!

A relationship between a husband and wife can be tough. Knowing what the wife needs is almost impossible for a man to understand. Even though a woman leaves her clues behind, a man simply doesn’t know how and where to look for them. He is logical and assumes that he is right. However, he often doesn’t know how to get to her heart.

Meanwhile, she is emotional and believes that she is taken for granted. Heartbroken,

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