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Malay Pramanick

Malay Pramanick hails from Kharagpur, a town in West Bengal, India, where he did his schooling, graduation and post-graduation. Born to Bengali parents, he is a software professional. Besides composing and writing, he likes to read, watch cartoons, movies and series, listen to songs, and is looking forward to reinstating his passion for painting. He hopes his love for literature and arts finds a place in the world.Read More...

Some Scribbles

Books by Malay Pramanick

This is the second anthology of poems by the poet. The poems cover some of the turmoil the poet had gone through in his life that brought him back to poetry. Often people come across and get to know each other, fall in love and get separated for certain reasons; sometimes even by choice. The pain of that separation, at times, breaks some and cannot be captured by mere words. Accepting the pain, living with it and getting used to it, is what one might struggle

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Few Of My Initial Scribbles

Books by Malay Pramanick

Like the heroes and villains, a poet is made not born. There’s a limit of pain that one can endure, even an artist. But how much pain makes one a poet?

This anthology is a collection of a first few poems as composed by the author. It covers some of the turmoil the poet had to go through in his life that led him to writing poems. There are various reasons one cannot be with their beloved and at times that pain cannot be captured by some words. We h

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