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Meenakshi Shivram

Author, Investment Banker & Traveller
Author, Investment Banker & Traveller

Meenakshi Shivram is an impact-focused investment banker, climate change activist, traveler, photographer and writer from Chennai, India. When she is not working, you can most likely find her curled on her couch reading a book, experimenting with recipes, pestering her husband to jet off on a holiday or playing with animals.Read More...

In Between Homes

Books by Meenakshi Shivram

Standing at the crossroads of love and spirituality, In Between Homes is a collection of conversations with the Universe mirroring the bittersweet ups and downs that make up life – the joys of childhood, the despair of loss, the tenderness of first love, the pain of heartbreak, the ruthlessness of survival and the bliss of surrender.

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