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Neelam Khemka

Neelam Khemka is a poet and an artist. In a person, talent automatically makes its own place. The same thing happened with her as well. As a result of extra love and encouragement from the school teachers, she started writing sporadically from class 6-7 itself. Along with this, she got father's support in the house as well and her writing journey started from childhood itself. In her childhood, her  father used to tell the meaning of lions, poetry, qawwali etc. in detail, due to which literary interests started developing in her from a young age.Read More...



Books by नीलम खेमका


यही नाम अपनी इस पाँचवीं पुस्तक को देना चाहूंगी। दर्पण की भांति इसमें सबकुछ यथाचित से ही दिखता है। कुछ भी छिपा नहीं रहता, मन की व्यथा, सोच, पीड़ा सब कुछ तो पारदर्शी है। नारी के मन

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