Neha Jain Kale

Neha Jain Kale, a former journalist, is also a mother of two. She likes to create an unbelievable world through her characters. She uses her mental imagery to turn forgettable information into something that’s much more likely to stick in her child’s mind. Her imagination knows no bounds when she meets new people. She often likes to pull elements from classic tales and invent tales of her own. Her storytelling sessions are thoroughly enjoyed by her children, and she can’t wait to share her stories with children alike.Read More...


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Your Story Your World

Books by Neha Jain Kale

With over 196 flags for all the countries in the world, it was a challenge to help my daughter remember the colors and characteristics of country flags. That’s when I stumbled upon an approach to learning that could work for anything. I created memory chains through stories, a long known but under-explored concept, to make her learning faster and easier.

I created symbolic characters through storytelling to represent the colors and characteristics of

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