Nivedha Srinivasan

Doctor and writer
Doctor and writer

Nivedha Srinivasan, born in India, brought up in Muscat, Oman, right from young loved to read and watch the words come to life. From 8th grade to final year MBBS, books have always been with her, be it fiction or medical ones. Nivedha is hardworking, sincere and her love for multiple extracurricular activities, has always made her stand out wherever she went. In her hope to show the world that one can always follow their passion regardless of the path chosen, she shares her first attempt of her passion by writing this fiction story with the aim to entertain the readers, maybe even inspire a feRead More...


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Books by Nivedha Srinivasan

15-year-olds, Annabeth Sanders and Stanley Hawkers, have no idea what a turn their summer is going to take, as they try to figure out, suspicious activities in their town, Huckleton. Every clue leads to twists which leave more questions than answers. Grow with them as they become best friends, face their fears together and make sacrifices for the people they love. In the end everything is wrapped up as the mystery is unveiled. Or is it? 

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By Nivedha Srinivasan in Science Fiction | Reads: 1,850 | Likes: 7

Another hectic day. I knew it must be past 1 am and I just needed to find a bed. Fortunately, I found one in some random duty room and flopped on it. Half my body was hanging out of the bed but I didn’t care. I. Just. Needed. Sleep. Suddenly, I remembered the time when I was a kid and used to   Read More...

Published on Jul 9,2022 11:58 PM

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