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P. Naomi

Writer and therapist
Writer and therapist

Kirti Bishnoi, pen name, P. Naomi, is an 18-year-old teenager who started writing a year ago about teenage dilemmas. In her second year of college, in DU, she decided it was time to tell every struggling teen that they are enough and comfort them with her words. Born in a small village in Haryana, the expectations were high when it came to a girl. With such high expectations came the stressful moments, which encouraged her to write this book that tells everyone it’s okay to not be perfect.Read More...

Smile My Precious

Books by P. Naomi

A friend in disguise, a companion throughout the days when you feel like shit and don’t have the confidence to even do what you love. It’s your best friend who will love you, shower you with praises, spoil you with love while reminding you to love yourself too. Don’t you think you deserve the love and care that you give to others? 

Yes, in these pages, you will find the key to do the same and learn to appreciate yourself for being you. It’s you

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