Pankaj Ogra

Pankaj Ogra is the author of Becoming God. This story is inspired by events in his life and the life of the people surrounding him and how he overcame tough circumstances and succeeded in them. 

The author believes that people today worry unnecessarily over meaningless things, drowning in disappointment and sorrow. 

He hopes to make a change in the powerful section of people of this world who, despite knowing they are powerful, are unable to effectively use their abilities. 



Becoming God

Books by Pankaj Ogra

Becoming God creates a fictional world of freedom where one can make anything possible by believing in oneself.

The story revolves around the protagonist, Parnog, a sales professional.

Things change when Parnog is drawn into a strange world and realizes he is no ordinary human being but an extension of the creators of our galaxy. He was created for a purpose—to save the world from negative forces. He is one of seven people selected to do this. However, he is the only one aware of the purpose.

Parnog learns about life, people, relationships, and things about himself during the journey. He makes new friends with people from the alien world and earth. Will Parnog find the other six people? Will he be able to become GOD? Will he succeed in what he wishes to?

Every choice you make makes you either strong or weak, but even weakness teaches you how to build again. Humans were never weak, it was a choice they made, and they made a negative one.

Do you think the choice you make next will get you something? Choose wisely.

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