Partho H. Chakraborty
Arvind Sonmale

Arvind Sonmale is a career banker having been in the finance sector for more than 36 years. He has been with State Bank of India for about 10 years, with Export-Import Bank of India for 20 years and as the MD & CEO of Global Trade Finance for over 6 years. Arvind Sonmale has in a sense been a pioneer in introducing International Factoring in India through his stewardship of Global Trade Finance (GTF) which had an 85% market share of international factoring in India. He was with GTF between 2004 and 2010 and during this period transformed this start-up factoring company into one of India’s Read More...


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Books by Partho H. Chakraborty, Arvind Sonmale

Factoring as means of finance is very ancient. There are also many books written about it. The factoring we see today can be considered the classical form of factoring or the vanilla type.

Customers these days are very discerning and want more than the vanilla type of factoring. Since companies and banks offering Factoring struggle to go beyond this, an endeavour to solve the problem was the basis of writing this book.

This book, divided into 3 par

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