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Piyush Nayyer started writing poetry and songs in 2015. Since then, writing has always been his escape. It gives him peace and satisfaction. He is greatly inspired by American singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift. "please don't go through it" was his debut poetry book released in 2020. It explains Piyush's story of rediscovering his happiness and shutting those mean voices in his head that once suffocated and caused him pain. It's about his battle with overthinking. In 2021, Piyush released his second poetry book, "moving forward but where am i headed?" which is about moving on to a new world of liRead More...


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I Became Somebody Else

Books by Piyush Nayyer

Everything feels fresh and new
My habits, my vibe
And even my point of view

This change is truly making me nervous
I fall, I fear
Feels like the end is near

Explore, experiment
I feel and I realize
Blushing after someone I met
Just gave me a smile

It's exciting and fun and I am so glad
That I'm finally taking the steps
To understand life's tricky concepts
Only to find out that it made it all compl

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Up To The Sky

Books by Piyush Nayyer

We're all stuck in a moment
Wanting an escape
To dive into the world of our dreams
Leaving everything we have attained

We risk it all
We confess our sins
We dance in the moonlight
It's where this story begins

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moving forward but where am i headed?

Books by Piyush Nayyer

to move on, one requires a lot of patience. things don't fall easily into place. you take small steps every day to overcome the darkness of your past. it's like a journey leading you towards a new world of light. the choices you make decide your future and sometimes it's what surrounds you that inspires you.

this poetry book is a collection of all those moments, thoughts, and ideas that i either witnessed, imagined, or got inspired from while moving on

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please don't go through it

Books by Piyush Nayyer

this book of poetry is a story of a boy who once lost himself. overthinking ruined his life, and his own thoughts attacked him every single day. the voices inside his head got too loud, and he started to drown in his gloom and self-doubt. this is his story of the process of rediscovering his happiness. this is his fight to save himself from his own mind. this is his diary. 

please don’t go through it

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खुशियों की तलाश

By Piyush Nayyer in Poetry | Reads: 255 | Likes: 2

सोची मैंने थी कुछ चीज़े कि बन जाऊंगा मैं सयाना  पर काम ना आई एक भी तरकीब क्योकि मेरी ज़िन्दगी को था मुझे आज़माना गिर क  Read More...

Published on Jun 16,2020 09:32 PM

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