Prabindh Sundareson

An Engineering leader, Thinker and Writer on Science and Philosophy
An Engineering leader, Thinker and Writer on Science and Philosophy

Prabindh Sundareson is a practising engineer and lives in the garden city of Bengaluru with his family. A significant part of his career has been shaped in the tech industry. In 2010, he founded the Consumer Electronics chapter of IEEE in Bengaluru and chaired the first International Conference on Consumer Electronics in 2017. ‘Writing for a cause’ has provided purpose and more focus on his writing.Read More...


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Will I be Mine?

Books by Prabindh Sundareson

“The story is captivating, the insights are profound, and it has just the right mix of futuristic science and human emotions. This gemstone is a delightful read!”

- Andrew Russell, Ph.D, Nvidia


In this sequel to the “Quantum of Entanglement”, Nattu returns as a rebel researcher revered and reviled alike, investigating space-time anomalies, and struggling with personal conflicts, when an unexpected message from a tho

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A Quantum of Entanglement

Books by Prabindh Sundareson

Set in a time in the future, in a world where clones and robots are as natural as humans, the stories panoramically stretch from beautiful coastlines on earth to the windswept plains on Mars. As each protagonist tries to achieve a goal in their own world, unexpected interruptions derail their plans. Will the entangled nature of life change their goals or alter their minds? Accompanied by masterful illustrations from the brush of renowned artist Ganesh Doddaman

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Sensibility Through the Eye of the needle

Books by Prabindh Sundareson

Accompanying the reader through every sip of coffee, a piece of history in the pouring rain and in every pain, this coffee-table book, Sensibility Through the Eye of the Needle, narrates life’s poignant moments accompanied with beautiful visuals, bonding the reader instantly. By offering a window of Sensibility, this book has something profound waiting to be shared, experienced and remembered on each page. 

"I found the poems very refreshing

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The lonely pen

By Prabindh Sundareson in Poetry | Reads: 248 | Likes: 0

Rustling under the covers In the guise of darkness The pen & I The paper burns With a mind on fire These twists & turns Can never make us tire Forced to bury the past With relief and flee the town Let the past not return So what, is all time to be locked down ? Will write our hearts ou  Read More...

Published on May 11,2020 04:51 PM

The Mission to Mars

By Prabindh Sundareson in Sci-fi | Reads: 391 | Likes: 1

Prelude Ilon Must was a man who did not wait for things. And yet, this search for a candidate to Mars had proven to be much longer than expected. He wanted to finalise things in todays meeting, if the launch was to happen in 2021. The data presented by the leader, clearly showed that the lead-cand  Read More...

Published on Apr 23,2020 08:13 AM

My Heart Out

By Prabindh Sundareson in Romance | Reads: 351 | Likes: 1

The dream came again. "He was standing on the shore in the dusk. All alone as the familiar wave came forward, wrapping itself around him. As the salty wave retreated, he could see it carrying away his heart. Surprisingly he felt no pain, no feelings, as he watched the sun going down in the horizon.  Read More...

Published on Apr 22,2020 08:26 PM

Dial M for Mask

By Prabindh Sundareson in Fantasy | Reads: 401 | Likes: 0

Manohar was practising supine to sitting movements, with one eye on the tiny TV. He spent his life alone, looking up and all around, like a two eyed camera at the center of his near empty hut. The villagers kept him alive, more with jolly words than with food. Makkal, his favorite dog lay at the do  Read More...

Published on Apr 6,2020 02:43 PM

The grave visitor

By Prabindh Sundareson in Fantasy | Reads: 285 | Likes: 0

123456789101112.1234567891011.12. It was the last hour. He looked forward to this hour, every day. It was as if the whole universe waited, cheering for all the hands to congregate at the clock's North. Did he really have fever ? He looked on with a feverish anticipation. He heard it again clearly th  Read More...

Published on Apr 2,2020 08:38 AM

ஒரு தமிழனும் வைரஸும்

By Prabindh Sundareson in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 236 | Likes: 0

கூவத்தை தாண்டும் போது கூட  நான் மூக்கை மூடியதில்லை  ஆனால் இன்று  என் வீட்டை கடக்கும் எதிர்த்த வீட்டுக் கார  Read More...

Published on Mar 30,2020 02:18 PM

The letter from the past

By Prabindh Sundareson in Fantasy | Reads: 475 | Likes: 0

"Cabin crew, prepare for lift off", the automated voice resounded through the cabin. It was the first week of Merch, the third in the season of the sun, 2045. He raised his eyebrows twice to signal his readiness to the VR goggles, and the soft body-belt bolted itself around him. The bright scenery o  Read More...

Published on Mar 29,2020 03:26 PM

The multi-bagger dream

By Prabindh Sundareson in Humour & Comedy | Reads: 251 | Likes: 0

A new day Everyday with my open eye I see a millionaire I can be Buy on low and sell on high Is what they told to me So is what I do immediately And wait the hours anxiously The next day The next day comes like a bee A sea of red is all I see Hopes vanishing like balls Down steep waterfalls And sti  Read More...

Published on Mar 29,2020 08:51 AM

The Tsunami

By Prabindh Sundareson in Mystery | Reads: 517 | Likes: 0

Kattapanai. A remote village in the south of the Indian sub-continent. Dec 25 10 AM: There was a festive mood in the air. Paper stars rustled in their fake glory, hanging onto the past. Bare bodied boys ran around with glee. Siluva could recognise some of them, born just last year.   The sea a  Read More...

Published on Mar 28,2020 12:39 PM

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