Prachi Jha

Prachi Jha is a young author from India. Her first story was published in an anthology -“Tree of Light” by Scholastic India. It was very well received by both readers and critics. Prachi's writing often delves into existentialism and describes characters that embody the spirit of the common man. She is known for creating relatable and dynamic plots and often engages in free-verse form of poetry. Prachi is particularly enthused by colour physics & psychology, and often uses her understanding of the subject to create art. In her free time, Prachi enjoys painting and writing. She believes inRead More...


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Moving Palates

Books by Prachi Jha

Colours arouse emotions in us, and this book is an ode to that radiant beauty. Moving Palates is a collection of poems spanning over ten years. These poems will help the reader reminisce the warmth from their favourite memory, drenching them in the lingering appreciation for the beauty in this world. It offers so much more than just poetry- it offers a sneak-peek into the world of art, divinity, warmth & solace!

This book has been passionately woven to

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