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Pratik P. SURANA

Pratik Surana is a corporate trainer with over two decades of business experience, an entrepreneur, a business coach and a certified practitioner of Emotional Intelligence. With international certifications on his belt, Pratik has authored two books, Cool Down Before you Burn Out and Great Ideas That Will Keep You Stress Free and Relaxed at Work, which chiefly deal with emotional intelligence, workplace happiness and work-life balance have been best-sellers in their categories. 

His article The Darker Side of Emotional Intelligence has been a topic of study at the Industrial Psychology department of Beuna Vista University, USA. He is a Ph.D. in Training Needs Assessments and ROI in Trainings.

Pratik has been a business strategy, leadership and organizational culture trainer who delivered training programs across the globe. As a co-founder of Quantum group, which has three companies under its flagship till date, Pratik has been a mentor to various businesses and start-ups. For more on the author, please visit: or write to him on 



“Gandhi: The Eternal Management Guru”

Books by Dr. Pratik P. SURANA (Ph.D.)

Love him or loathe him; respect him or not; Mohandas Gandhi, known as the father of our nation, is a historical figure known very well to the international diaspora and always respected by even his staunchest opponents, including the mighty British Empire. For an individual who opposed an empire with nothing more than a humble yet firm voice and a walking stick, it is no surprise his statue stands grandly opposite the British Parliament in London.


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