pratyusa Roy

Writer and artist
Writer and artist

Pratyusa Roy, a proud Bengali, invites you into the world of her debut novel, 'Unseen,' a poignant exploration of a girl's journey to self-love through diverse experiences with men. From expressing raw emotions through writing as a child to winning the first prize for penmanship during her engineering days, Pratyusa's path to becoming an author has been paved with passion and determination. After navigating the corporate world with a 9-to-5 job in sales for over three years, Pratyusa decided to channel her creativity into her first novel. 'Unseen' is not just a story but a testament to PratyusRead More...



Books by Pratyusa Roy

Romance Fiction

"Unseen" is a poignant exploration of love, betrayal, and self-discovery, as Paloma grapples with the unseen aspects of her heart. In her pursuit of happiness, she finds herself at a crossroads, torn between the person she thinks is the one and the engagement with her longtime boyfriend.

Prepare to be captivated by a tale where the unseen becomes the focal point, unraveling the layers of a woman's heart, as she seeks to find her p

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