Indie Author Championship #6

Priya Aswani

Priya Aswani is a versatile combination of confidence, power, and fun. She is a 16-year-old who strongly believes in her pursuits. She is one of the youngest Arfeen Khan-certified coaches. She is also a creative content writer, CBT practitioner, Jr. CEO, Jr. CMO, Jr. CFO, the winner of an Innovation summit, the founding president of an entrepreneurship club, and also has interests in Image consultancy. She is an optimist in pursuit of living a good story. Read More...

3 AM Thoughts

Books by Priya Aswani

Do you hate overthinking at 3 am? Is it a nightmare for you to think about the thoughts that make you vulnerable? These thoughts not only make you weak but also define your life, and you give them the power. 

You can decide to believe in your thoughts but believe them in a way that makes them empower you and not bind you. You can have a peaceful night without the terror of thoughts such as “No one cares about me” and “I can’t live up to others

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