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Shan is from the city of Coimbatore in the very south of India. An engineer with a business to manage, writing is his passion. These ramblings are more a record of his thoughts, off-beat and away from the traditional! Six of his technical books were published in Singapore and one in Boston, almost twenty years ago! Now, he is making a comeback to writing. This is his first attempt at fiction! You may email him at:


The Hidden Stories of Mahabharata

Books by Shan

Krishna stood alone after everybody left the burning pyre. He smiled, the all-knowing smile, at the retreating figures of Gandhari and Kunti. He had been cursed! He cannot and will not be a God of salvation in Kali Yuga. He has been made the Lord of Adharma, only to create wealth and power. Now, He could be redeemed only if the hidden secrets of Mahabharata were revealed to the world. The secrets, locked in for four millenniums, are out! To save Sri Krishna an

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